Practice and Learn Cantonese with a ABC (American Born Chinese)

Hi everyone!

My name is Julian and I love speaking my mother tongue of Cantonese. While I was born and grew up in America, I have been speaking Cantonese all my life. Whenever I meet someone who speaks Cantonese, I get all excited and want to speak to them in Cantonese. Growing up, learning Chinese was difficult. But communicating with ABC's like me and native speakers made this language so interesting and fun. If you wonder how I learned to read and write Chinese as an ABC, feel free to ask me!

We could talk about anything. My favorite topics include dim sum dishes and Cantonese hiphop. I love singing karaoke, lifting weights, and watching anime. I hope I can connect with other ABC's here just like myself and anyone interested in improving their Cantonese! I look forward to learning about you :)



我叫 Julian。 我好鍾意講廣東話。 雖然我喺美國出世同長大, 我一生都係講廣東話。每次我遇到 一個人講廣東話, 我會好興奮同埋想同佢講廣東話。 長大嘅時候, 學中文有啲難。但係同 ABC 好似我咁樣同埋母語嘅人講嘅時候,變得呢個話又好有趣又好玩。如果你想像我一個 ABC 點樣可以又識讀又識寫中文, 隨時問我!

我哋可以談論任何事情. 我最鍾意嘅話題包括點心同埋粵式 hiphop。 我喜歡唱歌卡拉OK,舉重同埋睇 anime。 我希望我可以同其他嘅 ABC 好似我咁樣同埋任何人有興趣改進佢啲廣東話聯繫! 我期待著了解你 :)

Availability: Monday-Saturday, 3pm-10pm EST

Where I am from originally: Pennsylvania
My occupation before the crisis: Student
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: Job search has been difficult, especially for newly-graduated students like myself
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