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Hi! Cześć!

My name is Martyna and I'm waving to you from Abisko, a little town located in Swedish Lapland, around 280 km above polar circle. I was born and grew up in Cracow, Poland. My passion for hiking and being outdoors led me to choosing nature guiding as a way of living. I used to work as a guide in Poland and Swiss Alps before I moved to the north. Currently, I share my life in between two countries, that are Sweden and Spitsbergen - Norway, where I specialize in Arctic nature guiding. I love learning languages as much as I love nature. Currently, I'm learning Swedish and Slovak.


Mam na imię Martyna i pozdrawiam was serdecznie z Abisko, małej wsi położonej w górach szwedzkiej Laponii, około 280 km ponad kołem podbiegunowym północnym. Urodziłam się i dorastałam w Krakowie. Moja pasja do podróżowania oraz wędrowania po górach sprawiła, że zostałam przewodnikiem. W przeszłości pracowałam jako przewodnik w polskich Karpatach oraz w szwajcarskich Alpach, natomiast obecnie dzielę swoje życie pomiędzy Szwecję a Spistbergen - Norwegię. Uwielbiam uczyć się języków obcych i obecnie uczę się szwedzkiego oraz słowackiego.

For beginners and dabblers: if you've never been studying Polish before and you are curious about the basics or want to dabble in Polish a bit - I can offer you lessons for beginners. I would be happy to prepare materials with useful phrases and basic structures for you.

For more advanced learners: we can practice conversations or role-playing, I can teach you some slang or interesting Polish proverbs. I would be happy to prepare lesson scenarios, vocabulary sheets or other materials that can be useful for you.

And if you curious about my job, Arctic nature, northern lights, polar bears or want to get travelling tips (both Poland and the Arctic) – we can try to talk about it in Polish.

My timezone is: UTC + 2 and I'm available from 8am until 10 pm.

Where I am from originally: Cracow, Poland
My occupation before the crisis: nature guide (I specialize in Arctic)
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: The crisis has huge impact on tourism, so I temporarily lost my job (since the 22nd of March).
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