Let's talk and chat in Italian! Parliamo in italiano :)

Ciao :) Sono Giulia e sono italiana, vengo dalle Marche ma vivo da 4 anni a Roma! Mi sono da poco diplomata in regia presso il Centro Sperimentale, la più antica scuola di cinema in Italia, dove ho realizzato diversi cortometraggi. Da allora sto cercando di sostenermi lavorando nel cinema e nelle serie TV, sperando di poter presto realizzare film miei. Il coronavirus ha cambiato molto la mia vita, ma non per questo mi lascio abbattere! Adoro la musica ed i concerti, amo scrivere leggere e dipingere. Quindi se queste sono tra le tue passioni potremo farci tante e lunghe chiacchierate :) Spero di conoscerti presto! Ps: parlo molto bene l'inglese, un pochino di portoghese e sto cercando di rispolverare il mio francese!

Hi there :) I'm Giulia and I'm italian. I'm from the region called Marche, but I am based in Rome since four years ago. I recently got graduated in directing films in Centro Sperimentale, the oldest school of cinema in Italy, where I directed several short movies. Since then I am trying to sustain my expences working for cinema and tv show, hoping soon will come the chance for me to direct my own movies. Coronavirus has changed a lot of this, but it is not going to put down my smile! I love music and concerts, as much as writing, reading, painting. If you also love these things, I believe we will have a lot of nice deep chats about it :) I'm looking forward to meet you! Ps: I speak fluent english, a bit of portuguese and I am also trying to remember how to speak french!

Where I am from originally: Marche
My occupation before the crisis: Director
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: Sadly, it's already pretty hard to get jobs into cinema industries, expecially if you just got graduated. Here internships are not paid, so you have to work a lot of months for free before you actually start to gain money out of it, which can be pretty tuff situation since you also have to substain yourself living in a place is not your hometown. After a lot of sacrifices, I was finally starting to work gaining money when covid striked all of us. This completely canceled all the jobs I had, and God knows when and if there will be the chance to start them again. Cinema and arts in general are between the most affected areas, since of course will be the last industries to start when this emergency will be over.
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