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Hi, my name is David Lama and I am a native speaker of English and Spanish. I have studied these languages for 18 years and have developed many intuitions in these if you are a Spanish speaker learning English I will be your best choice. I have used techniques in the past to learn these languages which will be very useful to you.

Hola, mi nombre es David Lama y soy hablante nativo de inglés y español. He estudiado estos idiomas durante 18 años y he desarrollado muchas intuiciones en estos si eres hispanohablante y aprendes inglés, seré tu mejor opción. He utilizado técnicas en el pasado para aprender estos idiomas que serán muy útiles para usted.


Where I am from originally: Born in the US live in the Dominican Republic
My occupation before the crisis: Startup founder/self-employed
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: My country is in chaos and I cannot startup my business in the middle of an uncontrolled crisis!
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