learn a latin spanish

My name is Eugenia, i'm venezolan girl living in spain, i really like talk with the different culture's peoples and try to understand how they see his world, that help me to be more tolerant and respect every way to think

Where I am from originally: Caracas, Venezuela
My occupation before the crisis: Student and real state worker
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: i moved on to spain from venezuela because i want a better life, in my country i couldn't went to my university because there was a lot insecure so i decided start a new life in Madrid. Before the crisis i was study and i was working for real state agency, but when the covid-19 started i lost my income, with that i helped to my family in Venezuela, and right now i'm very worry just thinking i couldn't help my family with food and medicines
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