English teaching online

Hi! I'm Julian, 42 years old and live in Bristol, South-West England. I've been teaching English for over 20 years, as well as working in libraries. I enjoy helping students make progress in their English, and become more confident.I enjoy using the technology to add value to our classes, and encourage students to study between classes.
I have a Masters degree in German and Russian from Edinburgh University, and studied the Welsh language at the University of Lampeter. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in primary schools, and a Nursery Assistant in nursery schools. I've also taught the Welsh and German languages to adults and children.
I enjoy helping students meet their English language goals and make a difference in their lives using the language and cultural understanding. We are a global village and I see my teaching as contributing to a more connected world
My hobbies include cycling, walking, reading and learning languages- I've studied German, French, Dutch, Czech, Russian and Welsh
I look forward to meeting you!


Where I am from originally: Bristol
My occupation before the crisis: Teaching Assistant
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: I have been unable to work since March 19th