Practice Cantonese loud and proud with me! 笑談廣東話

Hi! My name is Joyce Kwong and I’m a Marketing and Communications professional living in New Zealand. I’m a native speaker of Cantonese, originally from Hong Kong. I’m also highly proficient in Mandarin, so let me know if you’d like to practice that too!

I’m an absolute foodie so we’ll definitely click if you want to chat about dim sum or the many different kinds of street food Hong Kong/Canton offers. I’m also an avid traveller and love meeting new people and learning about new cultures. I’ve worked with people from different cultures and background all my life and would customise our chats based on your goals and levels. Whether you’re learning Cantonese for work, business, travel or fun – I’m here to help! :)

I’m fortunate to still be working under the current environment, but I’ve been asked to take extended leaves from work so I’m looking to share my knowledge and connect with people during this difficult time. Looking forward to chatting with you! :)

Availability: Weekdays between 7-10PM New Zealand Standard Time and most time on weekends. I can hold sessions in 1 or 2-hour blocks.

哈佬,我個名叫做 Joyce。我係一個市場及企業傳訊顧問,而家定居喺紐西蘭。廣東話係我嘅母語,但係我嘅普通話亦都非常流利,所以好歡迎你哋同我傾偈同練習呢兩種語言。


我好好彩,係疫症嘅影響底下仲係有工返,但係公司要求我哋放長假,減少支出。希望係呢段時間可以幫到你,又幫到自己啦! :)


Where I am from originally: Hong Kong
My occupation before the crisis: Marketing and Communications Advisor
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: Taking extended leaves from work
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