English: Entrepreneurship (MBA), Permaculture, Project Mgmt/PMP

Hello! My name is Nathan Kroop and I live in beautiful historic downtown Troy, New York. That’s about 100 miles from NYC. I’m a native English speaker.

I’ve been working mostly remote for the past few years as a PMP certified project manager. A few years ago I completed my yoga teacher certification and permaculture design certification. And shortly after that, I traveled South America and Europe on Remote Year. Prior to that, I worked with a number of clients to develop business plans and pro-forma financials, so if you would like to talk about entrepreneurship I’d be happy to mix that into our conversation. My MBA is in technological entrepreneurship. Feel free to check out my professional work history here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathankroop/

When I’m not working on my laptop, you can find me out in the woods, foraging for wild mushrooms and cultivating mushrooms. I love cooking, eating, and spirits!

I have experience teaching and I love talking about podcasts, movies, listening, and giving advice (when asked). My schedule is flexible and I really enjoy meeting new people!

Where I am from originally: New York State
My occupation before the crisis: Project Manager: Healthcare & WiFi Projects
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: On 90 day furlough
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