Improve Your English With a Native Speaker?


My name is Ben, I'm from the United States (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to be exact).

I'm excited that you want to practice English, I hope we can have fun talking and learning together.

I was an English teacher at a university in Thailand, and I've led English language practice groups for non-native speakers at businesses in multiple other countries.

American slang, business, conversational...whatever you want to focus long as you want to have an informal and friendly chat, then let's do it!

Hope you and your family are OK in this difficult time.

My current availability is:
- Monday to Friday
- 2:00pm to 8:00pm Pacific Time (USA)
- maximum 1-hr conversation at a time

Where I am from originally: Philadelphia, PA, USA
My occupation before the crisis: English teacher
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: Unable to work
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