Arquitecta española viviendo en Londres

Soy una arquitecta española apasionada de los idiomas y de la experiencia de vivir y trabajar en otros países y culturas. Tras 6 años viviendo en Alemania decidí aventurarme a descubrir Londres y disfrutar de su inmensa cultura y boom constructivo que la ciudad ofrece. Covi-19, como a muchos otros alrededor del mundo, nos ha dejado incertidumbres, cambios y nos ha pausa en muchos aspectos. Pero eso me da ahora tiempo para poder compartir mis conocimientos y pasión por otros idiomas.

I am a Spanish architect who enjoys other languages and the experience of being able to live and work in other countries and cultures. After 6 years living in Germany, I took the adventure of moving to London and enjoy the huge culture activities and construction influence that this city offers. Covi-19 has brought uncertainties changes and it has pause us all in lot of aspects. However, it gives me now more time to share my language passion and knowledge with others.

Where I am from originally: Spain
My occupation before the crisis: Architect
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: Projects have been canceled and work is temporarily on hold since the restrictions went in place