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Hi, my name is Caro Rodas. I work as a communication Coordinator for Fundación Jocotoco, I love knowing that my job is helping conservation and the communities around the Jocotoco reserves in Ecuador. My main activities for the foundation are illustration, design, audio-visual contents, public relations.

I am an advertising graduate, for the last 11 years, I work in the independent filmmaking industry, in FILMARTE. I've worked as a Production Designer Assistant (Makeup, Costumes Artist) in “ENCOUNTERS WITH CINEMA", alternative film training, production and distribution program with two fiction films premiered "Santa Elena en Bus" (2012) and "Vengo Volviendo" (2015). Executive Producer of the full-length documentary "Sacachún"(2018) and Field Producer for the short film “The Band” (2013).

At the moment I am producing a web series for environmental education for small kids "Mundo Máchica" and Guanca Docs an Itinerant Exhibition of documentaries that portray themes of the Guancavilca people at the Ecuadorian coast. Carried out within the framework of the third edition of Encounters with Cinema, where we will work around environmental conservation and practices that affect the portrayed communities, hand in hand with ancestral trades that are directly related to these problems, in search for solutions that are born from the very heart of each community.

I've studied english since I was six years old and as a teenager I spend many summers in USA, so we can talk in Spanish and English.

If you want to check out more of my job you can visit:

If you want to see one of the movies we produced with Filmarte, we publish them free of charge so people would stay at home, here are the links:

La Banda:
Vengo Volviendo:
Santa Elena en Bus:
Sacachun: (this one is not free, but renting it is really cheap)

Where I am from originally: Ecuador
My occupation before the crisis: Conservation comunication and Film Production
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: Audiovistual industry stoped
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