Hola soy Guillermo y soy de Barcelona. Aquí os explico mi método para aprender Español: pronunciación, vocabulario y hablar hablar y hablar. Es la única manera que yo sé para aprender un idioma. Así que ¡os espero!. Probar una lección de prueba y ¡vamos a aprender Español!.
Hi I am Guillem and I am from Barcelona. I am here to teach you how to learn Spanish. I believe there is only one way fast, simple and no shortcuts allowed. Pronunciation, vocab and speking a lot. That is how I learned English. Hence, I encourage you to get a trial lesson and let's learn Spanish! . Cheers!

Where I am from originally: Barcelona Spain
My occupation before the crisis: DELIVERY OF COFFEE
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: I lost my job since I was working delivering cofee, in a coffee roasting company, delivering cofee.