Secondary School French teacher, prof de français au collège

I am a native English speaker with three years experience of teaching French in secondary schools with students ages 11-18 . I love travelling, learning new languages, keeping fit, cooking, baking and reading. I am very friendly and love speaking French!

Je suis anglaise, j'enseignais dans un collège/lycée pendant trois ans. J'aime beaucoup voyager, apprendre des nouvelles langues, garder la forme, cuisinier et lire. Je suis très aimable et parler en français, ça me passionne!

Where I am from originally: UK
My occupation before the crisis: Chalet host/French Teacher
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: I was living in France after taking a career break from teaching, I started working for a chalet company that was forced to close in March and so I am in the UK looking to continue teaching!
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