Learn Canadian English with a TESOL-Certified ESL Tutor

Hello, I’m Caroline M., and I would love to help you with English lessons! Before the pandemic I was in the process of finding a job for a year teaching English in Japan through Oxford Seminars. I have a degree in History and Classics, and throughout my life I’ve taken numerous courses in Latin, Ancient Greek, Japanese, Film, Music, Theatre, Literature, Culture, and European and East Asian history from ancient times to the present.

As a seminar coordinator for a communications and media consulting company (and when I was a student) I gained a great deal of experience with public speaking, giving presentations, teaching, and making learning entertaining. My favourite way to learn or teach incorporates different styles of learning, like using songs to memorize grammar and vocabulary or work on enunciation and accents. We can talk about an English-language book you’re trying to read, a subtitled or dubbed movie you love, a holiday you want to take when the lockdown ends, idioms (phrases and references) you want to understand and use, etc... Whether it’s English conversation, grammar, pronunciation, spelling, culture, mnemonics (tricks for memorization), etiquette, or etymology (the origins of words), we can get through this together!


Where I am from originally: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
My occupation before the crisis: Seminar Co-ordinator for a media consulting company; own my own pet care business
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: No one is booking in-person seminars and everyone is staying home with their pets!
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