Learn Spanish with a globe-trotter trilingual journalist/DJ

Nacida y criada en el campo frances, estudie en Paris y Londres, vivi en Cuba, Venezuela y Ecuador, y recien me mude a Los Angeles. Soy periodista, curadora musical, anfitriona de radio y DJ. Tengo mucho de que hablar! Me encanta explicar temas complicados a traves de cosas sencillas como la musica y cultura popular - igual sirve para enseñar idiomas.

Born and raised in the French countryside, I studied in Paris and London, lived in Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador, recently relocated to Los Angeles. I am a journalist, music curator, radio host and DJ. I have a lot to talk about! I especially love explaining complicated issues through simple things like music and pop culture - same applies to languages.

Where I am from originally: France
My occupation before the crisis: journalist
How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted my ability to work / earn an income?: worst time to quit my job in Ecuador and find a new one in the US!
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