Information about Lockdown Language Exchange


Our Not-For-Profit Commitment: We Take 0% of Transactions

Millions of people around the world are suddenly finding themselves out of work with uncertain prospects of when their industries will be able to rebound. Millions of others are still able to do their work, but are now stuck at home with a lot of time on their hands and a desire to help out others who are less fortunate. 

Lockdown Language Exchange is a nonprofit that aims to pair up people who want to practice conversing in a secondary language with native speakers who need the income.  

If you've lost your job or are facing reduced work from the restrictions related to the Coronavirus, the Language Exchange is a great way to earn some cash without having to do any prep or learning any additional skills. Just put up a listing and go. 

If you're one of those people confined to your home during these strange times, The Lockdown Language Exchange is a great way to make constructive use of your time while helping your fellow humans out who need help to get through this period financially. 

We are a nonprofit eager to make a difference, supported by just a few volunteers (Avi, Meredith, Megan, and Manuela) on lockdown ourselves in the UK and US. We are currently filing for our 501c3 charitable status in the US. We take no fees on any transactions made through the platform so that all earnings go directly to those in need.  So if you just agree with what we're doing but don't have the time to spend on language practice right now, please consider donating to our organization to help us keep the site up. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to get involved, and please do spread the love to those who need it.