Nonprofit for practicing a foreign language with someone who needs the income

Practice a language with a native speaker, forge human connections, and help people out of work due to COVID-19 stay afloat

How it works

1:1 video conversations

Book informal video conversations to practice speaking a language you're trying to learn or studied in the past. Dial in from the comfort and safety of your self-isolation chamber.

with native speakers

Conversing with a native speaker will help you uplevel your game, whether you're hoping to improve the basics, go from proficiency to fluency, or practice business-level abilities.

for a good cause

You'll be putting money in someone's pocket who needs it. We don't take any fees on transactions so every $ you spend goes to those in need. Give it a try for 20 minutes for as little as $4.

Get better at speaking a language and help others while you're stuck at home

Use new found time for authentic practice speaking a secondary language, in a low pressure setting. Help those who need it now, by putting much needed cash in the pocket of a fellow human affected by COVID-19. And connect with the world. All while staying home.

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Meet Some of Our Speakers

We have native speakers from all over the world. They're excited to practice with you and need your help to help weather the Coronavirus crisis.

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What People Are Saying


It was so much fun and Alejandra was wonderful! We talked about how I learned Spanish, how Alejandra ended up in England, what she was working on when the lockdown went into effect. We will do it again next week!

-Lorrie M, NYC


The lockdown has been a real challenge to deal with. The money is a gargantuan aid for mine & my family's needs. I was a bit nervous beforehand but as soon as it started I felt much more calm. I'm looking forward to the next meeting with Manuela!

-Leonardo F, Sao Paulo

Make money during the Lockdown

If you're temporarily out of work or underemployed due to COVID-19, use our site to make some extra cash from the safety and comfort of your own home. Get paid to host 1:1 video calls conversing with others who want to get better at speaking your native language. Just post a listing with your language and personal story, connect a PayPal account, and we'll handle the rest.

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